vrijdag 20 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.1

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 2, Episode 1

- There is a Problem with you Hands
- The Parish Council has some Problems with the Theatre Show
- Terrible what they do to Animals
- Keep your Hands in your Pockets
- I'm Bored...let's play Numberwang
- Tina has a second head that hates her
- Colin the Hostage Negotiator
- I can't revolve the Chimney
- Double Entendre doesn't work
- Speedo is the best Lawyer in Palm Springs
- Now it's Your Turn to be Gay
- Trapdoor 3 now Opening

woensdag 18 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 1.6

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 1, Episode 6

- The HeliVets
- The Roundheads and the Caveliers...again
- The Rebel Militia Men vs The Government Forces of the Republic of Congo
- The Everard Horne Ward
- Sometimes Fire go Out
- The Man who had a Cough but it was just a Cough and he'll be Fine
- Viscount von Sausageroll
- Don't be afraid of Bronze - Bronze is your Friend
- Kevin Armstrong is not an ordinary Boy
- Every Programme has its Garden
- The Wangernumb Code
- Mitchell and Webb's Real Garden
- Extra Negative Feedback

That Mitchell and Webb Look 1.5

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 1, episode 5

- Cavemen Police
- Admiral Dönitz becomes the new Führer
- Wordwang
- Mark Deacon tries to reach the final of the snooker tournament...again
- Cavemen reconstruction
- Private conversations
- The Lady in Red (Snooker edition)
- I've actually touched the soap!
- Superman shouts Bingo!
- David at the Chiropractic
- Search the altar, Ginger!
- My safety play is crap
- I have never seen such a clearance

dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Little Britain 1.3

Little Britain

Season 1, Episode 3: "Hard-Boiled Egg Eating"

- Britain is Top Banana
- Prime Minister under Fire: Dead as a Dodo
- Have You Got Any ID?
- Lou is Taking his Friend Andy to the Seaside
- Kelsey Grammar School: Thorpe is put down
- Stage Hypnotist Kenny Craig is Visiting his Mother
- Minstrels are not Welcome in this Town
- You can have as much Dust as you want
- Kelsey Grammar School: Uppingham from the 17th Century
- Classical Music: What time does Sainsbury's close?
- Llandewi Breffi: Gay Nation of Islam
- Lou and Andy rent out Pride & Prejudice
- Emily Howard is showing a Gentleman round
- Sir Bernard Chumly meets a young actor
- Ye Old Hotele
- Charlie is a dog
- Dame Sally Markham
- Hug a leper week
- World Record Attempt : Hard-Boiled Egg

maandag 16 juli 2012

The Armstrong and Miller Show 3.4

The Armstrong and Miller Show

Season 3 - Episode 4

- I've Got Absolutely No Idea Who She Is
- You Just Stepped in Dog Shit
- Dennis Lincoln-Part at the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp
- Wild Cooking with Flint and Rory - Granny's cottage
- Fyffe & Brabbins: What They Don't Know, Won't Hurt Them
- It isn't Funny, but a Friend of Mine's Clothes were Stolen at the Pool
- Transferring a CD into iTunes
- Black Tom Teach is in Big Trouble
- Bamboo Step Ladders are Retarded
- Simpkins of The France
- Running an organic food company with the bloke who killed my mum
- Smile with your Hips, Horschstadt
- The Spy Who Forgot to Put out the Bin
- Half Price This Week on Parrots
- Maxwell Bugana at Buckingham Palace with Terry Devlin
- Ben is gay and Dad forgot the Bin
- Pub Quiz with Black Tom Teach
- Recycling: Think Inside the Box
- The Origins of: Meeting the Parents

zondag 15 juli 2012

The Armstrong and Miller Show - 2.4

The Armstrong and Miller Show

 Season 2, Episode 4 

 - Paul likes Tilly, but she is way out of his league. Maybe he should switch sides 
 - Boxing coach sees fairies 
 - Lions can't swim 
 - Enlightnment in the Abbey of Vesney 
 - The origins of the Dinner Party 
 - I see fairies too 
 - We can't do escaping because he is scared of worms 
 - What Did You Do to Her? Jesus won't help you now! 
 - Veal will do whatever it takes to get rid of aunt Eunice 
 - Sometimes Mice Speak to Me 
 - Fred Zeppelin meets Fred Dwarf 
 - Right On Time 
 - Hot Temptation 
 - Jim is on his honeymoon in Hawaii - without his wife 
 - I got Something to Put in You 
 - Fatness & Fitness don't Mix 
 - Nicky The Nickster, Oh Nicky you're so Fine 
 - They Are Building a Tunnel? Who's Gay Now? 
 - Mistakes Get Made when You Work Late 
 - Aaron

donderdag 12 juli 2012

The Mitchell and Webb Look 1.4

The Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 1 - Episode 4

- Hole in the Ring Quiz
- Swimming with Sharks
- Cocktails you can actually taste
- Martin kidnapped by the tribe
- John the zoologist in Hole in the Ring Quiz
- Shopping for Jürgenbrau
- Small Talk
- Retail Diversification - Primula, Wisteria, Leylandii
- Happy birthday David from Robert
- Nümberwang & Nümberhosen & Wangernumb
- People take orders from their toothbrush
- Peter comes out of the closet
- Pictures from Rhodes

woensdag 11 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 1.3

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 1 - Episode 3

- Pedantic guy finally shuts up
- Sarah falls in  love with a shark...or a squid...or a policeman
- Now we know!
- And that's a bad miss...Jimmy Logan style
- A tough day at the ice-cream factory
- Leonardo da Vinci draws something not like this
- The Lucy situation
- You definitely won a smashing prize
- Jump of a cliff for 2 pounds a go
- Big Talk: Is There a God
- 'Hamers', a new churgical approach
- Numberwang: starting with round number one...Unwang & Deathwang
- Touching Cloth
- Xmas Newsletter

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 1.2

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 1, Episode 2

- What do I have to do to get a cup of Coffee around here???
- Fish & Chip become Chip & Pin or Chip & Cushion
- Buying a swimming pool
- A priest with a mission
- Ted & Peter don't condone Terry McCartey's behavior
- Numberwang's 9341st episode
- Alan meets a fairy with a special flute
- Let's invite Freddie, Daphne, Velma...and Shaggy
- I'm going to take this chair!
- Sir Digby Chicken Caeser visits his great-aunt Marigold
- The Big Chicken Finale

maandag 9 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 1.1

That Mitchell and Webb Look
- Season 1, episode 1 -
- Coverage of People buying a House and then Living in It
- Mister Harrison must be removed, he has become a nuisance
- Numberwang with Julie and Simon
- Dead & British Actors: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
- Can You Levitate?
- Coverage of People Who Are ill in Hospital Receiving Treatment
- Chris Lester is easy on the eye
- Coverage of People running a Safari Park
- Telekinectic Powers
- Captain Pugwash
- Aquagate
- You can never have too much heroine
- Rapid shores
- Chris Lester is looking terrific with his headband

Little Britain - 1.2

Little Britain
- Season 1, Episode 2 "Tallest Man"
- Daffyd goes to the newspaper shop
- Lou is taking his friend Andy out for dinner
- Vicky Pollard goes swimming
- Kelsey Grammar school goes Exams
- Dr Lawrence shows the inspector round (starring Anne)
- The public wants to see the Prime Minister wrestle a man
- Anne likes to rearrange flowers
- Lou makes changes to Andy's bathroom
- Dame Sally Markham writes "The Lady in White"
- Jane & Rod meet David Soul
- Fatfighters' Slimmer of the Year: Cliff Roberts
- Anne goes to the cantine
- Jason has a Sunday lunch with Gary's granny
- Liz & Clive don't mention Liz was Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid
- Jane & Rod meet David Essex
- Officer Lindsay gives driving lessons
- Tallest Man world record attempt

zondag 8 juli 2012

The Armstrong and Miller Show - 3.3

The Armstrong and Miller Show, Season 3, Episode 3

- looking for a job
- we are constantly finishing each others sentences
- engaged couple visit Pru and Miranda's shop
- A rugbyteam joins MI6
- Text 'VICAR'
- Vegetarian visists mum and dad
- Unconscious man wants a threesome
- Horshstadt has been impaled at the tattoo studio
- Wild Cooking with Flint and Rory
- At the library checking out Emma
- Making the trade with a rugby team
- A great couple with lots of differences
- Salespersons at the furniture store
- A fine at the library
- tourist looking for the Sacré-Coeur
- Today we don't fight for Jerusalem
- a cheated husband forgot to put out his dustbin
- Terry Devlin talks about Diana
- With the rugby team to the cinema
- The origins of alchohol
- With the rugby team in the toilet

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look - 1.0

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Plot

Season 1, Episode 0

- Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit
- NumberWang
- Ted and Peter give snooker commentary
- How not what to Look Like : Anita
- Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit round up some drugdealers
- A posh waiter
- Ted forgot the kids on Xmas day
- Some German officers have problems with their uniforms
- John Gibson and Andrew Turner
- Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit stop terrorists from blowing up a building
- Dreamy Pasturs Insurance: Because no one's irreplaceable
- The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
- Food Advertisments: The Banana

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Little Britain 1.1

Little Britain - Season 1 - Episode 1 

Bath of Beans

- Vicky Pollard has to write an essay on Lord Kitchener
- Sebastian meets Gregory Merchant from Treasury
- Emily Howard is treated to a drink
- Andy wants to go to the opera
- Kelsey Grammar school reads "Great Expectations" ...in the style of The Elephant Man
- Jason meets Gary's mum for the first time
- A recital at the Uncle Albert Hall
- Hypnotist Kenny Craig is on a date
- Jeremy Rent has a job for Dennis Waterman: Macbeth
- Marjory Dawes guesses your weight and talk about cravings
- A couple visits Scotland
- Andy goes swimming
- Daffyd Thomas meets another gay in the village
- Vicky Pollard finishes her essay on Lord Kitchener
- There are too many minstrel singers
- Bath of Beans - World Record Attempt

zondag 1 juli 2012

Armstrong and Miller - 3.2

Content for The Armstrong & Miller

Season 3 - Episode 2

- Two sophisticated men in a tattoo parlour
- Fancy a threesome at the playground?
- German tourists talk about crazy paving
- Dennis Lincoln-Park destroys a shed of the inventor of the essay
- a couple has problems with remembering
- Two WWII officers go shopping
- A threesome in the studio?
- Steve wants to go to the loo
- Wild Cooking with Flint & Rory
- Pharius & Horschstadt meet some Jesus' friends
- Two couples living together
- Father's dying last wish
- Steve wants to take a shower
- It happened to a friend of mine: jackpot loser
- English guy from Reading in Paris
- Miranda and Pru work in an adult store
- Traditional wedding rites
- P.E. teacher meets his students during an operation
- Brabbins & Fyffe: Burleske
- Steve wants to go to bed