woensdag 11 maart 2009

My Star Rating System

I realize that the way I rate my movies might not be exactly the way other people would do it. So here it is. I'm curious to hear from you. What rating system do you use to rate the movies you see?

  • 00000Worst movie ever. I run out of the cinema before the end, ask my money back and even file for damages because of physical and psychological agression.

  • 0000Incrediblly bad movie, almost impossible to make it worse. A movie that makes you consider leaving the cinema, running away, switching off the TV etc... A movie without any glimpse of hope.

  • 0000Very bad movie, with maybe one or two nice touches, like a pretty actrice.

  • 000Bad movie, but has some good points, or an interesting storyline.

  • 000Average movie. Some good points, but not enough to call it good.

  • 00Reasonably good movie. Above average. Not something you would want to see in the cinema, but you might consider picking it up at the local video store or watch it on TV.

  • 00Good movie, not(yet) worth a second viewing, but you leave the cinema feeling good..

  • 0A good movie that just misses that extra stuff to make it a classic. This is however a movie that you won't forget quickly, and has lots of good things.

  • 0Good, fun movie that you watched with great pleasure. Something is lacking, but not enough to make you notice.

  • A brilliant movie, just inches away from being a masterpiece. This is a movie that you will watch again soon

  • A masterpiece, there is no other word for it. A movie that makes you forget the time, that gives you everything you hoped for and maybe even more. Of course you will watch this movie over and over again, and it will never annoy you. In a lifetime you will not come accross such good movies often!

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