dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 3.2

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 3, Episode 2

- You need food with balls!
- Linford Christie's Sprinting nightmare
- The best 3 months of your life - Go snowboarding among the penguins of the Antartic
- The Event is in the Past & You should remain INDOORS
- We are not Swingers
- We sort our rubbish into seperate bins
- You've been eating crisps all morning
- Cresps: the healthiest food in the world
- There is no God
- Superwee
- I want to make love to your wife

maandag 27 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 3.1

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 3, Episode 1

- Jane is not the most beautiful woman in the world
- The Conga, a quiant country dance, but a gentleman does not conga
- Glucozade PORT, the World's first alcoholic isotonic drink
- Mr & Mr Mountjoy need funds for the North Pole expedition
- The Queen on TM&WL
- Fait vos jeux. monsieur Suave
- Estimez le Poids du Gâteau de Fruits
- Frappez le Rat
- Get me Hennimore and solve me the Schism of Rome
- Sir Digby Caesar Salad saves Ginger from meeting his long-lost daughter
- A true Englishman will never eat an adventscalendar in August

zondag 26 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look - 2.6

That Mitchell and Webb Look Season 2, Episode 6

- Women: you are leaking, aging, hairy, overweight, everything hurts... and your children's are wearing dirty clothes. For god's sake, sort yourself out
- Men shave and get drunk, because they're already brilliant
- The Giant Death Ray
- Round 3: Sudden Death
- Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit, Miss, Misss, Hit, Hit, Hit
- Just relax, it's only a date. What would Cary Grant do? or Gary Rhodes!
- Posh Jaws
- We think the little guy is running the show
- Posh Jaws II
- Get Me Hennimore...making a good impression on the Koreans
- Me and Ted at the Crucible in 1975
- Rude Ghandi
- The Poiroty sketch, right up my street

Neil Young dies, aged 82

Sad news today on NBC News. 'Astronaut' Neil Young has died.

Now I never knew Neil Young was an astronaut, but his songs have been a beacon for many generations. Who doesn't know "Rocking in the Free World", "Tonight's the Night" or the wonderful "Heart of Gold".

My Top 10 would be:
  1. Ohio
  2. Heart of Gold
  3. After the Gold Rush
  4. Tell Me Why
  5. Comes a Time
  6. Cinnamon Girl
  7. Old Man
  8. Down By The River
  9. Helplessly Hoping
  10. Tonight's the Night
Keep on Rockin', Neil, wherever NBC News tells us you are...

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Web Look 2.5

That Mitchell and Web Look

Season 2, Episode 5

- Hercule Voirrot does it again!
- Jan Hankl's Patented Flank Pat with Jan Hankl
- I'll fire the fat one
- Coverage of idiots behaving like idiots for an audience of idiots
- The British Emergency Broadcasting Corporation
- Parking is not exactly brainsurgery
- The Mitchell and Webb Action Figures Prototypes
- Get Me Hennimore!
- What do linden trees smell like?
- Firing a dog from a canon
- Undercover Secret Spies
- Santa Claus is neglecting his wife
- Russ Claus is coming to town

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.4

That Mitchell and Webb Look
 Season 2, Episode 4
 - The Identity killer strikes again
- The helivets can't save the fish
- The Enchanted Scarecrow joins the party
- On Wednesday it's the bath scene
- Happy Birthday dear Horse...nice carrot cake
- Do you like Raiders of the Lost Ark?
- You don't understand Football
- 5 pounds for the Holy Grail
- The man-with-the-wig sketch
- The history of Numberwang

Armstrong and Miller 2.6

The Armstrong & Miller Show

Season 2, Episode 6

- a therapist says "kill them"
- Martin Sheen has been arrested over 70 times...naughty boy!
- I'd like to use a sunbed....oops I should have chosen a better password
- The origin of Job Interviews
- Dr. Tia has no desire to change to traditions of a continent
- The blonde one was eying my packet
- Enlightenment with Dennis Lincoln-Park.. with Semper Augustus in Leiden
- Safety First: dump your old fridge by going the extra mile
- Is that too weird for a stage night?
- Can I interest you in a credit card and a free trip to Düsseldorf
- French teacher wants to kill them...in French
- You're designated lunch hour starts in 2 minutes
-  Heterotic supersymmetry combines elements of stringtheory with a new vision on quantum chormodynamics
- Jim talon joins newly-weds in the jacuzzi
- Ho'okahi kahi ke aloha - means "be one in love"
- Take off that stress vest
- Fyffe likes Turkish food and Brabbins proves what swingers they actually are
- 5.30, gentlemen...go home

woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 2.5

The Armstrong and Miller Show

Season 2, Episode 5

- Mark Adams meets some old chums
- Go slow, go easy...when you are drunk
- Courage gentlemen, the Luftwaffe are coming...and powdered eggs are so gay
- Rail Replacement Services
- Micky Mouse is named after  Mickey Rooney ... so who is Wayne Rooney?
- Return to Church week - Renew your relationship with God today!
- Come in for a Faith-Wash!
- My wife ran off with the dj at the wedding reception
- Silence is Golden - This isn't a cult, is it?
- The vibe is just right
- Dr. Tia saves lives in Botswana and performed an operation in the mouth of a lion
- Jesus has the X-factor...are you going through to the next round?
- Paul Poneytail makes it big in China
- Joussef Khan becomes a martyr for all our people who have suffered pain and injustice at the hands of Western Devils.
- Do you want a lettuce-upgrade with that computer?
- Stop using deadlines to motivate your team
- Praying! It's like texting the Lord and it's absolutely free (networks may vary)
- The girls here will blow your mind
-Michael Faraday saves the world, something about Zulu's
- The future looks wonderful indeed
- Kill them!
- Dennis Lincoln-Park under the streets of London
- Tell me more about Lily Allen

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

How to spell Fish as Ghoti?

Some languages like Turkish or Hungarian are "phonetic". This simply means that you can look at a word and know how to say it. English is not phonetic.

You cannot always look at an English word and know how to say it. You cannot always hear an English word and know how to spell it.

George Bernard Shaw was a famous Irish writer. He wanted to reform English spelling so that it was more logical. He asked the following question as an example:
How do we pronounce the word "ghoti"?
His answer was "fish".
How can "ghoti" and "fish" sound the same? He explained it like this:
  • the gh = f as in rouGH
  • the o = i as in wOmen
  • the ti = sh as in naTIon

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Little Britain 1.4

Little Britain - "Most Cigarettes in the Mouth" Season 1, Episode 4 - Llandewi Breffi, home of Daffyd Thomas, who wants a light trim from Ifan - Emily Howard has an appointment at St. Buddha's Hospital in Foulmouth - Pub is an acronym for Philip's Uncle's Boat - Lou and Andy are off to the pub and need to go to the toilet - Book libraries are fun, especially if Anne works there - British Justice is the best in the world - Vicky Pollard is charged with shoplifting - I want to be a Bernard-Shaw-Kissogram - Kelsey Grammar School: Edward the Second divided by Henry the Fifth equals...Hydrogen Peroxide. - Do your Otis the Aardvark! - When is the Oliver Sachs biography due in? - Marjorie Dawes is visiting her mother in hospital - Des Kaye works in the supermarket in Little Tokyo - Prince Charles has Magical Powers. - Andy wants chocolates - Dial 9999 and give him a Polo - Do you know if there are any nuts in the chocolate cake? - If I tell you the truth I will tell you a lie but if you call me false I'll also tell you a lie -Dame Sally dictates "Lady Chatterley's Lover" - Dennis sings happy birthday - Liz goes to a Chinese restaurant and shares her memories of Mollie Sugden - World Record Attempt: Most Cigarettes in the Mouth

maandag 13 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.4

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 2, Episode 4

- Tamburlaine can't hear you. He is dying from embarrassement
- I cut a hole in Colin's biohazard suit. Hilarious!
- I like an avocado-coloured bathroom (unlike most Brits)
- Rebecca goes back to Manderley - Rewind!
- Car booth sale sells The Wardrobe of Narnia
- I changed the soup in Colin's vial and replaced it with the ebola virus
- Donkey rides with Sir Digby Chicken Caeser
- Ignorance shouldn't stop you from telling us what you reckon
- Lindsay Davenport as an accountant
- David Mythchild...the Child of Myth
- Will aliens have to pay the congestion tax?

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.3

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 2, Episode 3

- Columbus finds the Western route to West-India...oh no, East-India
- This is your big day!
- The Patricia Wilberforce programme on BBC television
- You are not alone, my dear horsey
- Queen Elisabeth has never done it, so let's call these lands "Virginia"
- You cannot take out Cold Mountain, it's got too many words
- A Documentary about Stalingrad
- Everything is Fine - Fineness resumed after a major incident
- List of difficult word: Censorious, Parsimonious, sangfroid and didactic
- How New South Wales was discovered
- Great things to do when you do telework
- Flamingo World: Of course they are real flamingos
- Greenland???? Whatever!

zondag 12 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.2

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 2, Episode 2

- A lot of mining to do before you can become a researcher on Any Dream will Do
- The Helivetssave a gerbil...or not
- Cricket in Yorkshire
- Sir Digby Chicken Caeser visits the house of his mother, Lady House
- Alan has 19 ...you-know-what ... later tonight
- A new song for the RSPCA, "Someone let the dogs out"
- Soupa Douper makes soup you can eat out of your hand
- Back to Life, Back to Reality
- Je m'appelle Horse
- Cheesoid so lonely
- You can't turn cheese back into milk

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 3.7

The Armstrong and Miller Show Season 3, Episode 7 - Please make an emergency stop

- Mister Gosling has an obstruction in his breaches

- He sounds bend, isn't it?

- Doctor Tia saves lives in Botswana. Do you?

- The only surviving panel of the St. Germain tapestry in the castle of Vincennes

- How about a threesome? Or are there any parking spaces

- Genealogy of a brothelkeeper

- Blue Peter in the Coach & Horses

- King Arthur and his Round Table

- Travelling by train - the horror what you find in the can

- Did you fail in the real life? Then why not become a teacher? www.last_resort.gov.uk

- Everybody thinking of daddy's furry alopecia

- Watson & Holmes & Emid Torrance

- A surprise Easter Party for Roger

- The Origins of Art Criticism

- Clyde is a nazi-sympathizer

- Why did you and mum get a divorce?

- Back seat Child: Safety in numbers

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 3.5

The Armstrong & Miller Show Series 3, Episode 5 - Two Fat Ladies 88

- The Gay Basketball Team from Brazil seeking Asylum

- The Origins of Charity

- Team captain on A Hole in the Wall

- Wild Cooking with Flint & Rory: using his iPhone to book a place at Rick Stein's

- Horschstadt and Pharius doing some late night shopping

- Neither of us is gay

- This actually happened to a friend of mine in a restaurant

- Terry Devlin is in Central London for a party at Clarence House

- Tom Cruise can move small objects with his mind

- Leonardo Da Vinci designed the Boltraffio garden in Bologna

- Captain Luchard in action

- Death in the World of Wholesale Bedding

- It's the Wicked Witch of the West London - Everybody loves their own farts - Hitler, one ball. Göring, two, but small. Himmler, similar, Goebbels none at all