woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 2.5

The Armstrong and Miller Show

Season 2, Episode 5

- Mark Adams meets some old chums
- Go slow, go easy...when you are drunk
- Courage gentlemen, the Luftwaffe are coming...and powdered eggs are so gay
- Rail Replacement Services
- Micky Mouse is named after  Mickey Rooney ... so who is Wayne Rooney?
- Return to Church week - Renew your relationship with God today!
- Come in for a Faith-Wash!
- My wife ran off with the dj at the wedding reception
- Silence is Golden - This isn't a cult, is it?
- The vibe is just right
- Dr. Tia saves lives in Botswana and performed an operation in the mouth of a lion
- Jesus has the X-factor...are you going through to the next round?
- Paul Poneytail makes it big in China
- Joussef Khan becomes a martyr for all our people who have suffered pain and injustice at the hands of Western Devils.
- Do you want a lettuce-upgrade with that computer?
- Stop using deadlines to motivate your team
- Praying! It's like texting the Lord and it's absolutely free (networks may vary)
- The girls here will blow your mind
-Michael Faraday saves the world, something about Zulu's
- The future looks wonderful indeed
- Kill them!
- Dennis Lincoln-Park under the streets of London
- Tell me more about Lily Allen

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