donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 3.7

The Armstrong and Miller Show Season 3, Episode 7 - Please make an emergency stop

- Mister Gosling has an obstruction in his breaches

- He sounds bend, isn't it?

- Doctor Tia saves lives in Botswana. Do you?

- The only surviving panel of the St. Germain tapestry in the castle of Vincennes

- How about a threesome? Or are there any parking spaces

- Genealogy of a brothelkeeper

- Blue Peter in the Coach & Horses

- King Arthur and his Round Table

- Travelling by train - the horror what you find in the can

- Did you fail in the real life? Then why not become a teacher?

- Everybody thinking of daddy's furry alopecia

- Watson & Holmes & Emid Torrance

- A surprise Easter Party for Roger

- The Origins of Art Criticism

- Clyde is a nazi-sympathizer

- Why did you and mum get a divorce?

- Back seat Child: Safety in numbers

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