maandag 13 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 2.3

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 2, Episode 3

- Columbus finds the Western route to West-India...oh no, East-India
- This is your big day!
- The Patricia Wilberforce programme on BBC television
- You are not alone, my dear horsey
- Queen Elisabeth has never done it, so let's call these lands "Virginia"
- You cannot take out Cold Mountain, it's got too many words
- A Documentary about Stalingrad
- Everything is Fine - Fineness resumed after a major incident
- List of difficult word: Censorious, Parsimonious, sangfroid and didactic
- How New South Wales was discovered
- Great things to do when you do telework
- Flamingo World: Of course they are real flamingos
- Greenland???? Whatever!

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