woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Armstrong and Miller 3.5

The Armstrong & Miller Show Series 3, Episode 5 - Two Fat Ladies 88

- The Gay Basketball Team from Brazil seeking Asylum

- The Origins of Charity

- Team captain on A Hole in the Wall

- Wild Cooking with Flint & Rory: using his iPhone to book a place at Rick Stein's

- Horschstadt and Pharius doing some late night shopping

- Neither of us is gay

- This actually happened to a friend of mine in a restaurant

- Terry Devlin is in Central London for a party at Clarence House

- Tom Cruise can move small objects with his mind

- Leonardo Da Vinci designed the Boltraffio garden in Bologna

- Captain Luchard in action

- Death in the World of Wholesale Bedding

- It's the Wicked Witch of the West London - Everybody loves their own farts - Hitler, one ball. Göring, two, but small. Himmler, similar, Goebbels none at all

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