zondag 26 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look - 2.6

That Mitchell and Webb Look Season 2, Episode 6

- Women: you are leaking, aging, hairy, overweight, everything hurts... and your children's are wearing dirty clothes. For god's sake, sort yourself out
- Men shave and get drunk, because they're already brilliant
- The Giant Death Ray
- Round 3: Sudden Death
- Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit, Miss, Misss, Hit, Hit, Hit
- Just relax, it's only a date. What would Cary Grant do? or Gary Rhodes!
- Posh Jaws
- We think the little guy is running the show
- Posh Jaws II
- Get Me Hennimore...making a good impression on the Koreans
- Me and Ted at the Crucible in 1975
- Rude Ghandi
- The Poiroty sketch, right up my street

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