maandag 27 augustus 2012

That Mitchell and Webb Look 3.1

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 3, Episode 1

- Jane is not the most beautiful woman in the world
- The Conga, a quiant country dance, but a gentleman does not conga
- Glucozade PORT, the World's first alcoholic isotonic drink
- Mr & Mr Mountjoy need funds for the North Pole expedition
- The Queen on TM&WL
- Fait vos jeux. monsieur Suave
- Estimez le Poids du G√Ęteau de Fruits
- Frappez le Rat
- Get me Hennimore and solve me the Schism of Rome
- Sir Digby Caesar Salad saves Ginger from meeting his long-lost daughter
- A true Englishman will never eat an adventscalendar in August

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