donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Fans of Little Britain know it of course, but for those of us who have missed the hilariously funny "sequal" of funnymen Matt Lucas and David Walliams, you should check the BBC. They are repeating Come Fly With Me, a mockumentary that takes a look at the lives of people who live and work at the airport. Most characters are played by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Walliams themselves (as they did in Little Britain) and mock low-cost airlines like FlyLo, Great British Air and Our Lady Air.

Every week we meet new characters or get a deeper inside in some of the recurring ones. Our favourites are:

- Melody Baines and Keeley St Clair – Liverpudlian check-in staff for FlyLo

- Tommy Reid – A young Scottish man working at the airport's Happy Burger, hoping to work his way up to becoming a pilot, unaware that the two jobs are completely unrelated.

- Precious Little – The devout Christian manager of the airport's coffee kiosk, who deliberately causes problems which force the closure of the kiosk, allowing her to take the day off.

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