maandag 1 juni 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

This is a great movie, no matter how you turn it. Brilliant actors, great story, captivating images and above all we all care about what will happen to the two brothers and their (girl)friend.
When I originally read about this movie, i was less thrilled. How can you make a good movie about a contestant on a silly quiz. But the quiz element is only a small part (luckily) of the movie, instead Danny Boyle concentrates on life in the slums of Bombay. Gripping stuff, and definitely Oscar material.

After some great movies (shallow grave, Trainspotting) Danny Boyle made some mediocre/average movies (Life Less Ordinary, The Beach), but I'm glad to say he's back on track with his latest movies (Sunshine, 28 Days Later)

A Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He is arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers

Quote from Slumdog Millionaire:

Prem Kumar: [starting lines] So Jamal, tell me something about yourself.
Jamal Malik: I work in a call centre in Juhu.
Prem Kumar: Phone basher! And what type of call centre would that be?
Jamal Malik: Excel Five mobile phones.
Prem Kumar: Ohh... so you're the one who calls me up every single day of my life with special offers?
Jamal Malik: Actually I'm an assistant.
Prem Kumar: An assistant phone basher? And what does an assistant phoner basher do exactly?
Jamal Malik: I get tea for people and...
Prem Kumar: Chaiwalah! Well ladies and gentlemen, Jamal Malik, garma garam chai dene wala from Mumbai, lets play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

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