donderdag 6 september 2012

Little Britain 1.5

Little Britain

Season 1, Episode 5 : " House of Cards "
- Vicky Pollard bites Jackie in the cantine
- People who want to buy pets go to a Pet Shop. People who want to buy a Pet Shop go to a Pet Shop Shop. If they want to buy a Pet Shop Shop they are just being silly.
- Andy wants a snake. All serpents have an aura of evil
- The snake called stumper
- Boyd Hilton, Smash Hits
- Greg Davis, Puzzler
- There is no rift in the government
- Fatfighters
- Edward Grant married one of his students
- Careers in the future
- Herby City Centre Library: Chinese History
- Kitty says the food is a bit dry
- The Royal Garden Party
- Buy a car booth at the Car Booth Sale
- Ceefax: the Musical
- Llandewi Breffi. David's profession is gay
- Have it on before you have it off
- Denver Mills Fatima replaces Whitbread
- Lou and Andy visit Maria in hospital
- Ivor used to go to the shop
- Des Kaye and the Bubble-Twins
- House of Cards: World Record Attempt

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