donderdag 13 september 2012

Little Britain 1.6

Little Britain Season 1, Episode 6 : "World's Smallest Ant"

- Britain was discovered by Henry Britain, sold a year later to Germany for a pfennig and the promise of a kiss
- That policeman is a twat
- Diminutive actor Dennis doesn't do that anymore
- Vicky Pollard is pregnant
- Olympic Silver Medalist Denver Mills speaks at the Annual Police Federation Dinner
- Cigarette smoking has become mandatory
- Andy & Lou buy Declan a card
- The TV man repairs a Scottish TV
- A psychiatrist has a special guest
- Andy wants to go to Helsinki
- Mr. Cleeves is collecting 5 pounds for a trip to the moon
- My name is Ralph Patterson and I'm the best actor in the world
- Anne has an egg and tuna sandwich
- Dame Sally Markham writes the bible
- Marketing strategies
- Lou and Andy go to Maria's funeral
- The local charity shop sells clothes that people died in
- Anne does strange things to guinea pigs
- Eddie Howard is a lady

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