maandag 3 september 2012

That Michell and Webb Look 3.4

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Season 3, Episode 4

- the Nutritionists Partnership
- A new Earldom for that bit near Scotland, enter Lucentio
- New functionalities on my mobile phone: Subtext & Predictor-text
-  Detective Sergeant Alan Christmas - Bussmann & Christmas
- the HMS Lucentio
- How to turn your home into an International Airport
- Get Me Hennimore! Confusing "N"s and "M"s

Meed a Mane Nmenomic? You meed a manebadge!

So nake sure to nake that phome call to Nummery Numicipal Manebadges
we're a manebadge phemonemom!

- John Gibson & Andrew Turner - writers who try to show the positive side
- Getting a Shish Kebal rather than a Döner - less chance of getting ill
- Two is a crowd when meditating
- Lend me a pen
- Vectron be with you...but who is Vectron?

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