dinsdag 14 april 2009

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


I had read some good reviews about this movie and since there were no other films that looked interesting, I suggested our BeWelcome Monday Movie group to check "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" out. This movie is Nicholas Stoller's debut and will appeal to those folks who like romantic comedies like "Something about Mary", "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "The Heartbreak Kid". It is a typical American comedy, which means that the main character falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the world, gets dumped, and find true love with an even prettier girl :)

You get some raunchy humour, some slapstick, funny British accents, misunderstandings and a happy end. What more do you expect from such a movie? Nothing, exactly, so no need to be disappointed. The best scenes evolve around the excentric rock singer Aldous Snow, a great by Russel Brand.
It struck me that I didn't know any of the actors. Apparently they all play in American TV-shows like "That 70's Show", "CSI" and "Veronica Mars".

Do you know these series?

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