dinsdag 14 april 2009

Strangers on a Train

IMDB top 100: #100

One of these Hitchcock movies that many people seem to have forgotten. Sure, it is no "Vertigo", "Psycho" or "North by Northwest", but it does have its merits and the chemistry between both male characters is thrilling. Hints of latent homosexuality, sadism and of course the great role of Robert Walker as the person who believes everybody is a potential killer, make this a great movie. The final carrousel scene might be a bit over the top, but the funny one-liners of Hitchcock's daughter are very witty and give this dark movie some lighter moments.

Favourite Quote: "Oh, Daddy doesn't mind a little scandal. He's a senator."

Director's Cameo : Alfred Hitchcock boards a train early in the film, carrying a double bass fiddle as Guy gets off the train

Psychotic mother's boy Bruno Anthony meets famous tennis professional Guy Haines on a train. Guy wants to move into a career in politics and has been dating a senator's daughter (Ann Morton) while awaiting a divorce from his wife. Bruno wants to kill his father but knows he will be caught because he has a motive. Bruno dreams up a crazy scheme in which he and Guy exchange murders. Guy takes this as a joke, but Bruno is serious and takes things into his own hands.

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