donderdag 9 april 2009

Shine a Light


I'm a big Scorcese fan. Some of his movies are among the best ever made: Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, The Departed, Raging Bull, Casino.... I'm not such a big Rolling Stones fan however. Sure, I like many of their songs, and there are good at what they do. But I've always considered myself more of a Beatles fan, and you can't be both, can you?

Anyway, Scorcese has in the past made several music-related movies or documentaries: The Last Waltz, No Direction Home, the Concert for New York City etc..
His latest concert movie, Shine a Light, is a good but rather traditional/conventional portrait of 2 special benefit concerts that the Stones played at the intimate Beacon Theater in New York City in fall 2006. Fans who are hoping to learn something new, will be disappointed. Movie fans who are hoping to see some new spectacular ways of shooting rock concerts will also be disappointed. So who will see this movie? When looking in the theatre I saw 7 people, all men, all middle-aged. I guess that says it all. A good movie that recreates the concert atmosphere quite well (i taped my feet, always a good sign) but nothing more than that.

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