vrijdag 10 april 2009

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once upon a time in Mexico For the last couple of years we have been flooded with violent movies. Recently I saw the third part of El Mariachi(the first part was simply called El Mariachi and the second one Desperado...and both these movies were exactly the same film). And guess what...Once Upon a Time in Mexico is again the same movie!
So what can you expect for the price of a cinema ticket? Violence, more violence, a few jokes (but not many people laughed). Some nice-looking guys(Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp) and one beautiful woman Salma Hayek, the only woman during the whole movie). The story is simple, and contains more plot holes than a Swiss cheese.
Conclusion :
Watch this movie certainly if you like acrobatic fightscenes.
Do NOT watch this one if you don't like Rodriguez/Tarantino/John Woo.

Once upon a time... it is a time of trouble is Mexico. The Mexican president has declared war on the Barillo drug cartel, who has plans to fight back by backing a coup by General Marquez. Agent Sands of the CIA is in the middle of it all trying to make sure Marquez do NOT succeed... by forcing El Mariachi himself out of retirement... El Mariachi, after the death of his wife and daughter, no longer wishes to fight, but he may not have a choice. At Culiacan, Barillo and Marquez have set a trap for the president, and Sands want El Mariachi to take out Marquez after the coup. El Mariachi called upon his two brothers for the final showdown... To save the revolution. Who will remain standing at the end?

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