zondag 1 juli 2012

Armstrong and Miller - 3.2

Content for The Armstrong & Miller

Season 3 - Episode 2

- Two sophisticated men in a tattoo parlour
- Fancy a threesome at the playground?
- German tourists talk about crazy paving
- Dennis Lincoln-Park destroys a shed of the inventor of the essay
- a couple has problems with remembering
- Two WWII officers go shopping
- A threesome in the studio?
- Steve wants to go to the loo
- Wild Cooking with Flint & Rory
- Pharius & Horschstadt meet some Jesus' friends
- Two couples living together
- Father's dying last wish
- Steve wants to take a shower
- It happened to a friend of mine: jackpot loser
- English guy from Reading in Paris
- Miranda and Pru work in an adult store
- Traditional wedding rites
- P.E. teacher meets his students during an operation
- Brabbins & Fyffe: Burleske
- Steve wants to go to bed

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