zondag 15 juli 2012

The Armstrong and Miller Show - 2.4

The Armstrong and Miller Show

 Season 2, Episode 4 

 - Paul likes Tilly, but she is way out of his league. Maybe he should switch sides 
 - Boxing coach sees fairies 
 - Lions can't swim 
 - Enlightnment in the Abbey of Vesney 
 - The origins of the Dinner Party 
 - I see fairies too 
 - We can't do escaping because he is scared of worms 
 - What Did You Do to Her? Jesus won't help you now! 
 - Veal will do whatever it takes to get rid of aunt Eunice 
 - Sometimes Mice Speak to Me 
 - Fred Zeppelin meets Fred Dwarf 
 - Right On Time 
 - Hot Temptation 
 - Jim is on his honeymoon in Hawaii - without his wife 
 - I got Something to Put in You 
 - Fatness & Fitness don't Mix 
 - Nicky The Nickster, Oh Nicky you're so Fine 
 - They Are Building a Tunnel? Who's Gay Now? 
 - Mistakes Get Made when You Work Late 
 - Aaron

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