zondag 8 juli 2012

The Armstrong and Miller Show - 3.3

The Armstrong and Miller Show, Season 3, Episode 3

- looking for a job
- we are constantly finishing each others sentences
- engaged couple visit Pru and Miranda's shop
- A rugbyteam joins MI6
- Text 'VICAR'
- Vegetarian visists mum and dad
- Unconscious man wants a threesome
- Horshstadt has been impaled at the tattoo studio
- Wild Cooking with Flint and Rory
- At the library checking out Emma
- Making the trade with a rugby team
- A great couple with lots of differences
- Salespersons at the furniture store
- A fine at the library
- tourist looking for the Sacré-Coeur
- Today we don't fight for Jerusalem
- a cheated husband forgot to put out his dustbin
- Terry Devlin talks about Diana
- With the rugby team to the cinema
- The origins of alchohol
- With the rugby team in the toilet

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