maandag 9 juli 2012

Little Britain - 1.2

Little Britain
- Season 1, Episode 2 "Tallest Man"
- Daffyd goes to the newspaper shop
- Lou is taking his friend Andy out for dinner
- Vicky Pollard goes swimming
- Kelsey Grammar school goes Exams
- Dr Lawrence shows the inspector round (starring Anne)
- The public wants to see the Prime Minister wrestle a man
- Anne likes to rearrange flowers
- Lou makes changes to Andy's bathroom
- Dame Sally Markham writes "The Lady in White"
- Jane & Rod meet David Soul
- Fatfighters' Slimmer of the Year: Cliff Roberts
- Anne goes to the cantine
- Jason has a Sunday lunch with Gary's granny
- Liz & Clive don't mention Liz was Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid
- Jane & Rod meet David Essex
- Officer Lindsay gives driving lessons
- Tallest Man world record attempt

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