dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Little Britain 1.3

Little Britain

Season 1, Episode 3: "Hard-Boiled Egg Eating"

- Britain is Top Banana
- Prime Minister under Fire: Dead as a Dodo
- Have You Got Any ID?
- Lou is Taking his Friend Andy to the Seaside
- Kelsey Grammar School: Thorpe is put down
- Stage Hypnotist Kenny Craig is Visiting his Mother
- Minstrels are not Welcome in this Town
- You can have as much Dust as you want
- Kelsey Grammar School: Uppingham from the 17th Century
- Classical Music: What time does Sainsbury's close?
- Llandewi Breffi: Gay Nation of Islam
- Lou and Andy rent out Pride & Prejudice
- Emily Howard is showing a Gentleman round
- Sir Bernard Chumly meets a young actor
- Ye Old Hotele
- Charlie is a dog
- Dame Sally Markham
- Hug a leper week
- World Record Attempt : Hard-Boiled Egg

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