woensdag 4 juli 2012

Little Britain 1.1

Little Britain - Season 1 - Episode 1 

Bath of Beans

- Vicky Pollard has to write an essay on Lord Kitchener
- Sebastian meets Gregory Merchant from Treasury
- Emily Howard is treated to a drink
- Andy wants to go to the opera
- Kelsey Grammar school reads "Great Expectations" ...in the style of The Elephant Man
- Jason meets Gary's mum for the first time
- A recital at the Uncle Albert Hall
- Hypnotist Kenny Craig is on a date
- Jeremy Rent has a job for Dennis Waterman: Macbeth
- Marjory Dawes guesses your weight and talk about cravings
- A couple visits Scotland
- Andy goes swimming
- Daffyd Thomas meets another gay in the village
- Vicky Pollard finishes her essay on Lord Kitchener
- There are too many minstrel singers
- Bath of Beans - World Record Attempt

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