zondag 31 mei 2009

DVDPost - a review

I have just started my subscription to DVDPost, and it is working wonderful so far. For every new member that registers through me, I get points, which I'm more than willing to share with you

DVDPost ships you DVDs directly at home
With DVDpost, you choose online the movies you would like to watch and you receive them in no more than 24 hours by post. There are no late fees and you can keep your DVDs as long as you like. Shipment costs are free both ways and formulas start at 2,35 € per DVD, all inclusive. Moreover, rentals are guaranteed and your unused credits are automatically passed on to the next month.

Free shipment both ways
After suscribing, you choose your movies and they will be shipped to your mailbox within 1 working day. When you're done with the movies, put them back in the prepayed envelope and drop it in any red mailbox from the Post. As soon as DVDPost receives your DVDs, they will ship you the next available titles from your wishlist. Shipments are free in both ways and there are no hidden costs.

Over 19400 available titles
DVDPost have the largest catalog in Belgium. As a member, you can choose amongst 19352 titles, including new releases, cinema classics, musical concerts, TV series, documentaries and so on. Our site is 24h/24 open.

Their most popular formula is 8 DVDs a month for 22,95 euros (2.8 euros per rental). There are no additional or hidden costs.

If you want to try it, why don't you just contact me. For every subscription I get points. And I have no problem in sharing half the points with you.

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  1. Thank you Moviemaniac. I really hope you still enjoy it.

    DVDpost webmaster