zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Girl with a Pearl Earring

This weekend we watched Girl with a Pearl Earring, nicely cuddled up with my wife and a friend, while the fireplace was gently crackling. And I can tell you the setting of the movie was just as appealing: the beautiful paintings of Johannes Vermeer were brought to life by using similar techniques of colour, light and contrast.

The story itself was not particularly captivating, but the beautiful images created a unique atmosphere. In the end I would have liked to see this movie in the cinema, as the scenery would impress me even more on a big screen.

He had a vision no one saw as clearly as she. In a house where everything had its place, where every image had meaning, he gave her the power to see the light. She gave him a look that would last forever.....

Quote from Girl with a Pearl Earring:

Griet: [enters the room, where Maria Thins and Catharina sit quietly by the fireplace, and curtsies]
Catharina: Yes?
Griet: Madam, shall I wash the windows?
Catharina: [Scoffs] You don't need to ask me about such matters.
Griet: It's may change the light.
[both Catharina and Maria Thins stare at Griet questioningly]

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