zondag 24 mei 2009

Win Lost - First Season

Competition already closed

BeCultural is having a Xmas Competition. The winner will receive the first season of LOST on DVD (7 DVDs, English & French audio, English, French and Dutch subtitles).

The competion will be open to all BeCultural readers in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and the UK. Please send us a mail at becultural@yahoo.co.uk with the answer to the following 3 easy questions (and one tough subsidiary question).
Entries should reach us by January 6th.

Questions :

1. What is the number that plays such an important role in the LOST series?

2. Which Lost actor played an important role in Vantage Point?

3. Who plays the role of John Locke?

Subsidiary question : how many UNIQUE visitors will BeCultural have on Wednesday January 7th, 2009?

Please put "LOST" in the subject line

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